Ada Police Department
Protecting and Serving Ada, Ohio Since 1861
Michael Harnishfeger, CLEE
Chief of Police
Crime Task Force
The Ada Police Department believes very strongly in inter-department cooperation and the need to partner with other county agencies to best serve the residents of Ada. We believe that a safer Hardin County translates into a safer community for the residents of Ada.

In 2009 the Ada Police Department joined forces with the Hardin County Sheriff's Department and the Kenton Police Department by assigning an officer to the Multi-Agency Crime Task Force on a part-time basis. The task force mission is to attack crime that impacts our entire county.

Since the inception of the team we have made nearly 100 arrests related to drug abuse and trafficking, forfeited thousands of dollars in drug money and confiscated drugs and other personal property used to further the drug enterprise. The crime task force has been one of the greatest cooperative efforts of our Hardin County agencies and is an important asset for the safety and security of our residents.

Although the task force's main focus has been drugs, they have been used to supplement investigations and tactics on a number of serious, felony level crimes.
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