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About Nixle

Nixle is a Web-based Community Information System that has been adopted by nearly 4,000 public safety agencies and governments at the local, state and federal levels. Residents can subscribe to the “hyperlocal” content service to receive real-time information from agencies including their local police department, fire department and mayor’s office.

Nixle’s service is built on the most secure, reliable, and high-speed distribution platform, ensuring that the information is trusted, immediate, and geographically relevant. Information is available via cell phone by text message, by email, and over the web. Accounts can also be customized so users receive only the information that matters most to them.

Since its launch in March 2009, Nixle has grown rapidly, and is now used in 49 states. Big cities, such as Los Angeles, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New York and Dallas, have been successfully ‘Nixling’ information to subscribers in their community to spread the word about important safety concerns and alerts. For example, at the high-profile 2009 G-20 Summit, Nixle’s services enabled the Pittsburgh Police Department to communicate with 30 agencies for the event, quelling protester hot spots and keeping damage to the city at a minimum.

We invite you to join the hundreds of Ada Residents and Visitors who are "in the know" through our own local Nixle System by clicking the Nixle box below.

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