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Golf Cart Inspection Information

The Ada Police Department offers Golf Cart Inspections to the public in order to assist in making their carts street legal.  Once an inspection is complete, the owner can then take the completed inspection form to the Title Office to have a title produced and license plates issued by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

The charge for this service is $25.00 for residents of Ada and $50.00 for non-residents.

Feel free to complete the above PDF form prior to your inspection.

In order to pass inspection, carts must be equipped with the following items:

Rear Tail Lights (at least one)

Front and Rear Turn Signals

Brake Lights (at least one)

Head Lights (two are required)

License Plate Bracket and Light (legible from a distance of at least 50 feet).


Rearview Mirror

Windshield (glass or safety glass)

Safety belts (one seat belt per occupant)

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